Building a good house

Imagine a building, as if it were covered with a jacket that protects it in both summer and winter. It's nice inside, because you release heat and keep it occupied. More information It's even better if, in addition, the weather is nice and you don't need to heat. Nevertheless, it is necessary to avoid that the sun goes there to avoid overheating. French Riviera Property is at your disposal for further information. The notion of passive construction is that the heat released in the building (household objects, electrical appliances) that comes from outside (sunlight) is sufficient to meet heating needs. An inhabited building that does not lose internal heating does not need heating to remain pleasant to live in. In a building, heating is simply used to compensate for heat loss.

The positive energy house

Building a positive energy home is an important business for the job developer. A project of this size must always be followed in order to be able to carry it out in accordance with the principles of technology. Passive constructions require a certain expertise, better a qualification that allows to obtain while reducing the energy inputs, achievements that respect the standards. Discover villas for sale in Nice. There are many passive house builders, but the important thing is to get this one.

The advantages of building an energy house

Comfort and health are the main criteria taken into account in the energy house. The strategy is global and involves different types of buildings and lifestyles. A positive house generates more energy than it consumes and the "positive energy construction" or even BEPOS is a radical notion that should define new construction criteria in the very near future. The theory of a positive energy house is simple and intuitive: it is about producing more energy than it consumes for the house and its inhabitants. This energy balance is calculated on a year-round scale and takes into account all intakes, including heating, ventilation, various electrical appliances and lighting. In order to minimize its size, the energy house first draws a design optimized by bioclima: while a compact architecture avoids heat loss points, an intelligent room configuration and skylights guarantee maximum sunlight all day long. A renewable energy source such as wind or solar energy generates energy production, with the addition of heating, for example, a heat pump.

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